The deposition systems for decoration are those containing copper, nickel or chromium under different operating conditions.



Copper plating is an important process for those delicate substrates that could be subject to attacks in subsequent steps, or for substrates on which the electrodeposition of other metals would be impossible. 

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Cyanide-free alkaline copper plating process that allows the electrodeposition of copper on iron, brass, steel and zamak. It is suitable for rack and barrel systems.


Nickel plating is one of the most common steps to obtain a deposit both decorative and protective, in fact it has a good resistance to corrosion and abrasion, due to the hardness of the deposit.
There are many solutions in order to meet different needs and applications, in fact nickel plating can be: glossy, semi-gloss, matte, black, chemical, etcand each type of solution has a series of products suitable for different purposes to eliminate defects or problems.

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cromatura-glomax-min The electrochemical chromium deposition is widely used both as a decorative chromium plating and functional chromium plating. For functional chrome-plating, refer to the dedicated page in ANTI-CORROSION AND FUNCTIONAL. For the chromium plating for decorative purposes, this section shows the possible treatments available. The chrome coating is used for its characteristics of rust resistance, gloss and corrosion resistance as well as abrasion resistance, it maintains for a long time the typical bluish-white color with a high reflecting power. The thicknesses are very low and the application is indeed for a very short time.