A metal that is used more and more frequently due to its properties and requires special attention.

Aluminium must reach the final steps in the best possible conditions, free from impurities, oxides, salts or pre-treatment residues.
Pre-treatment depends on the type of aluminium that is going to be treated, it can be a relatively pure extrusion alloy or a fusion alloy of different nature and composition, in which can be present different metals that impart particular properties to the alloy (copper, magnesium, zinc etc...).
The existence of two classes of aluminium, made of different alloys, requires suitable treatments for each of them

The etching allows the removal of the oxide layer that spontaneously forms in contact with the air on the aluminum. The oxide layer must be removed to allow chemical conversion or passivation to form on the surface to improve corrosion resistance or paint anchorage. There are alkaline or acid-based etching depending on the process and the plant available.

The ALBATROS process is a chemical conversion that can be used, at different concentrations, both as a protection and as a primer for painting. Treatment time changes according to temperature and concentration. It is available in two versions with and without chrome for primer application and can be used immediately after anodic oxidation to increase corrosion resistance. Application can be dip or spray.

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