Automotive companies are aware of importance of the surface coatings on which reliability and quality of their products depend, for this GLOMAX has always been at the forefront, providing always new and increasingly performing solutions.


Surface treatments are used to improve the properties of surfaces, especially in extreme temperature conditions, mechanical resistance and corrosion protection.


A sector that concerns not only fasteners but also tools, electric tools and structures for the construction of buildings, who needs to give resistance to wear, protection against corrosion and to give a better aesthetic appearance.

Electrical and Electronic

The electrical and electronic structures have become increasingly important thanks to the development of the telephone network and the Internet. For this reason, surface treatments capable of resisting long-term are required


Combining corrosion resistance and aesthetics is a fundamental requirement of this sector in which there are objects of different types for all home and outdoor spaces.


Corrosive environments, fluids of various kinds and different metallic surfaces are just some of the characteristics of such a wide sector that requires not only the possibility to choose suitable solutions for every situation but also the combination between them.