The surface preparation is a critical step in the electrodeposition of any type of metal.

A surface completely free from oils, grease, oxides or other impurities before performing the electrochemical deposition is of fundamental importance since it avoids all the problems of adhesion of the coating on the substrate, pollution problems of galvanic bath by foreign substances and finally problems related to corrosion resistance.

During the surface preparation, two types of processes are used: degreasing and pickling, the first serves to eliminate oils, grease and dirt and is based on physico-chemical mechanisms while the second serves to remove oxides and is based on processes of chemical dissolution. Choosing the right steps and processes for each type of surface is not easy, but thanks to its gained experience GLOMAX can suggest different solutions after a careful study of the overall customer process.


Glomax offers a wide range of chemical degreasings, called GRIMAX SC, ideal for a good clean-up of any parts. Their choice depends on the type of substrate that has to be cleaned, for example the degreasing used for ferrous materials are very different from non-ferrous materials, for this reason we provide our GRIMAX SC with more or less aggressive formulations that work in different operating conditions. Moreover chemical degrease can be integrated with specific additives called ALTAIR in order to improve their performance (see more details HERE)


GLOMAX has several pickling additives, named ZENIT, able to avoid acidic aerosol during processes or, under certain circumstances, to help cleaning metallic parts. (see more details HERE)


GLOMAX offers a range of electrolytic degreasings called GRIMAX SE, ideal for a great cleansing of the particulars. This process is significant in order to remove oxide films or any remaining grease, even after previous treatments. Furthermore, they can be integrated with the addition of specific additives called ALTAIR to improve their performance (see more details HERE)


GLOMAX offers a range of liquid degreasings, GRIMAX LC and GRIMAX LE, which can replace both chemical and electrolytic degreasing; their use is recommended if you want to facilitate the preparation of large tanks and additions while processing the material. It can also be a benefit from the point of view of safety of the working environment. (see more details HERE)