Anti-Corrosion and Functional

Zinc deposition systems are primarily intended to improve corrosion resistance as well as to improve surface appearance of the substrate, the sacrificial property of zinc is widely recognized and is the cheapest. A whole range of products and protection systems are available to provide differente finishes with corrosion protection, according to the requirements of the regulations or customer. We can provide technology in this cutting edge field by completely eliminating heavy and carcinogenic metals.



Wide range of additives for acid zinc process, alkaline zinc process, Zn/Ni process based on acid electrolyte, Zn/Ni process based on alkaline electrolyte, passivations and sealers. Meet all the requests of OEMs.


GLOMAX offers a variety of coatings in silver, black and a wide range of colored top-coat with high corrosion resistance in order to meet any market demand. Approved by many OEMs.


Solutions for coatings in Chemical Nickel and Chrome to thickness for situations in which particular characteristics of the deposit are required, such as: resistance to corrosion, mechanical and chemical resistance.